Inktober day 10-13

Inktober day 10, windmills and grasslands. this one is very simple but
I like how it came out!
Inktober day 11, abnormal formations. This was another hard one to do, but i’m okay with how it came out, I think it could’ve been better but I’m not mad at it.
Inktober day 12, Path along the water. Another very simple one, this is one first, i’ve never drawn water before but I really like how this one came out! the grass kinda makes me cringe but that’s okay lol.
And here we have day 13, underwater temple. Imma keep it real with you chief, I hate how this came out. but every inktober entry isn’t gonna be a masterpeice, I’m still learning how to draw different scenes but I think this is a good start!

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