Inktober day 14-18

Here we go again with the inktober dump….

Day 14, Burried statues. This one is as simple as it seems. I went with a literal approach instead of trying something different because it didnt turn out well lol

Day 15, market place. I wanted this to be a more bustling and live scene but next art goal is definitely time management and drawing people interacting. It’ll be fun to redraw this in the future!
Day 16, Merchants stone. I really wasn’t sure on what to do for this so I completely winged it. It’s not what I expected at all but I’m fine with it
Day 17, Townsquare. For this, I wanted to have a different perspective, so I drew the path/waypoint to the town but It didn’t exactly come out how I wanted. I’d like to expand on this though, and make the scene more apparent.

Day 18, Inn in the middle of nowhere. I tried out a buncha ideas for this but I like this one the best! It was intresting drawing a building like this though, I wanna learn more about buildings and such. It’s wayy harder than you’d think!


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