Inktober day 24-29

Day 24, Desserted drylands. I wanted this one to be pretty simplistic and I think I did well! I Like how it came out but I wish I had more time on the hills.

Day 25, Summoning altar. This is another one I wish I had more time on, although it’s not the worst. I’m definitely gonna work more on backgrounds from now, drawing rocks is unnecessarily hard .

Day 26, volcanic terrain. I think this one is pretty good! I really love this list because I’m drawing things i never even would’ve thought of! I had a lot of fun with this one but still, I need to figure out textures!
Day 27, crystal coves. And yet another one I wish I had more time on 🛐 I like how the crystals came out but I wish I could’ve added more to the background I wanted it to look more rigid and sharp but I’m okay with this.
Day 28, freezing fjord. I’m really happy how this came out! The ice looks cool imo and I really like the mountains too! I got a cool idea of this while binging Avatar the last airbender these past few days. I’m glad I did because I love this one!
Day 29, eldritch forest. I hate this one honestly. I didnt know what the prompt was really so I just did whatever I could think of. I definitely wanna redraw this one though. I’m really glad I didn’t skip any prompts this year though!

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