Inktober 2019

Hello all, as this october has hit us, inktober has also!

Inktober Is a daily prompt list for all artists to do for all 31 days of October. There are also all different kinds of inktober lists and for this year, I decided to chose one that is very different from the original!

This year I decided to give myself a few days ahead to get started, because my way of drawing at the moment sucks lol, but I’m so glad I did because just yesterday my digital pen was broken, so had I not been working ahead of time, I wouldn’t put myself way behind.

Here is the prompt list I’m working on this year! and enjoy my day 1-5 of inktober!
Inktober day 1 [Overgrown ruins]
Inktober day 2 [Nature untouched]
Inktober day 3 [Ancient tree]
Inktober day 4 [deep in the woods]
Inktober day 5 [Cave entrance]