Inktober day 19-23

Day 19, shanty town. Honestly not much to say about this one, this is what happens when you dont give yourself enough time do draw well lol, but I am really glad to practice drawing houses!
Day 20, by the docks. this was another hard one, not because the lack of ideas, but the lack of skill. I had many ideas for this, but none came out the way I would’ve wanted. but this isn’t nearly the worst, especially for my first time!
Day 21, By the beach. There’s just so many of these I can’t wait to redraw! I really like the concept for this one, but again, not much time to finish it as I would’ve wanted
Day 22, exotic flora. I really like how the flowers came out but I wish I was better at drawing depth because this isn’t the way I really wanted to sit.
And we have day 23, cemetery. I like this one as well, I’ve been experimenting a lot with monochromatic art and i’m having lots of fun with it!

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