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I’ll be opening commissions for the holidays! Please share around if you can’t buy!

Inktober day 30-31

Day 30, Idle portal. I really like this one! I think the details came out well and another one kind of inspired by the last airbender! Tla is the best for art inspiration lol

And we end with day 31, Astral plains/ dreamland. I was really upset with this one because of the quality. I think the drawing is good and that I did well, but of course on the last day my laptop acts up so that I couldn’t save the quality version of this. But as soon as possible I will post the good version!

I had all lot of fun with inktober this year, I really liked the prompt and I feel like I did well with drawing things I’ve never done before! I’m tired after drawing for so long but I’m glad I did. Thank you for following and Happy Halloween! 🎃

Inktober day 24-29

Day 24, Desserted drylands. I wanted this one to be pretty simplistic and I think I did well! I Like how it came out but I wish I had more time on the hills.

Day 25, Summoning altar. This is another one I wish I had more time on, although it’s not the worst. I’m definitely gonna work more on backgrounds from now, drawing rocks is unnecessarily hard .

Day 26, volcanic terrain. I think this one is pretty good! I really love this list because I’m drawing things i never even would’ve thought of! I had a lot of fun with this one but still, I need to figure out textures!
Day 27, crystal coves. And yet another one I wish I had more time on 🛐 I like how the crystals came out but I wish I could’ve added more to the background I wanted it to look more rigid and sharp but I’m okay with this.
Day 28, freezing fjord. I’m really happy how this came out! The ice looks cool imo and I really like the mountains too! I got a cool idea of this while binging Avatar the last airbender these past few days. I’m glad I did because I love this one!
Day 29, eldritch forest. I hate this one honestly. I didnt know what the prompt was really so I just did whatever I could think of. I definitely wanna redraw this one though. I’m really glad I didn’t skip any prompts this year though!

Inktober day 19-23

Day 19, shanty town. Honestly not much to say about this one, this is what happens when you dont give yourself enough time do draw well lol, but I am really glad to practice drawing houses!
Day 20, by the docks. this was another hard one, not because the lack of ideas, but the lack of skill. I had many ideas for this, but none came out the way I would’ve wanted. but this isn’t nearly the worst, especially for my first time!
Day 21, By the beach. There’s just so many of these I can’t wait to redraw! I really like the concept for this one, but again, not much time to finish it as I would’ve wanted
Day 22, exotic flora. I really like how the flowers came out but I wish I was better at drawing depth because this isn’t the way I really wanted to sit.
And we have day 23, cemetery. I like this one as well, I’ve been experimenting a lot with monochromatic art and i’m having lots of fun with it!

Inktober day 14-18

Here we go again with the inktober dump….

Day 14, Burried statues. This one is as simple as it seems. I went with a literal approach instead of trying something different because it didnt turn out well lol

Day 15, market place. I wanted this to be a more bustling and live scene but next art goal is definitely time management and drawing people interacting. It’ll be fun to redraw this in the future!
Day 16, Merchants stone. I really wasn’t sure on what to do for this so I completely winged it. It’s not what I expected at all but I’m fine with it
Day 17, Townsquare. For this, I wanted to have a different perspective, so I drew the path/waypoint to the town but It didn’t exactly come out how I wanted. I’d like to expand on this though, and make the scene more apparent.

Day 18, Inn in the middle of nowhere. I tried out a buncha ideas for this but I like this one the best! It was intresting drawing a building like this though, I wanna learn more about buildings and such. It’s wayy harder than you’d think!

Inktober day 10-13

Inktober day 10, windmills and grasslands. this one is very simple but
I like how it came out!
Inktober day 11, abnormal formations. This was another hard one to do, but i’m okay with how it came out, I think it could’ve been better but I’m not mad at it.
Inktober day 12, Path along the water. Another very simple one, this is one first, i’ve never drawn water before but I really like how this one came out! the grass kinda makes me cringe but that’s okay lol.
And here we have day 13, underwater temple. Imma keep it real with you chief, I hate how this came out. but every inktober entry isn’t gonna be a masterpeice, I’m still learning how to draw different scenes but I think this is a good start!

Inktober day 8-9

Once again I forget to post on here oof.

But anyways here is inktober day 8, Hall of deities.

For this one I decided to do what I do best and draw a portrait. I really like how this one came out, although I wish I could’ve made her face more dramatic and expressive. but i’m still learning as I go.

And here is day 9, Ancient altar room.
I tried so many different concepts for this but this is what i ended up with. I’ts not the worst but I hoped it would come out better. but again, this is like the first time i’ve ever drawn anything but portraits of girls facing slightly left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Inktober day 7

So, today’s prompt is Puzzled platforms! I like the way this came out, but it’s not at all like what I initially had in mind. I want to work on my drawings feelings, and making the message really apparent, because I feel like you don’t understand whats really happening in most of my drawings, but all will improve as I work more and improve!

Inktober day 6

Today’s prompt Is, Rocky ruins!

I wanted this one to look like there was a crater, with the ruins inside. I think I pulled it off well enough that you can tell, but all this was definitely a new experience!